complete Heat: B
complete Heat: A
01-12 18:41 - Elimination 11 created
01-12 17:08 - We are racing again!
01-12 16:32 - Mark 3 went off to explore the ocean 😅. Ap on comity boat.
01-12 16:10 - Last day of racing, the girls ara starting with the A final. The wind is even more strong compared to the last days 😃
01-12 15:10 - Elimination 10 created
30-11 21:12 - End of the day already, LOT OF WIND and tangles today.
30-11 18:40 - Elimination 9 created
30-11 16:36 - Elimination 8 created
30-11 15:08 - The first races will start any minute now :)
29-11 20:57 - Ap over A no more races today. See you tomorrow
29-11 19:35 - Elimination 7 created
29-11 16:58 - Elimination 6 created
29-11 14:48 - An other day in beautiful Brazil. We are at the 3th day of racing. First possible start at 11:00.
29-11 13:38 - Elimination 5 created
28-11 17:59 - Elimination 4 created
28-11 15:28 - 4 boys tangles at the last mark, big mess, lot of spaghetti lines
28-11 13:56 - Welkom to the second day of racing. So far the forcast is looking good. Fist importint thing: Skippers is at 10:00. 😉
27-11 20:11 - AP over A, no more races today
27-11 20:05 - Elimination 3 created
27-11 18:15 - General recall boys heat 3
Heat 1 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
191Sarun Rupchom
262Alessandro Omar Caruso
333Joaqun Alonso
423Victor Bachichet
555Le Coq Faodren
677Luis Fernando Silva Arajo
787Edson Araujo Rodrigues
816Ricardo Breno Das Chagas Veras
920Felipe Ferreira Barbosa
Heat 2 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
156Francesco Contini
254Lilian Mosa
327Ivan Boueke
463Anthony PicardSCP (1.8)
515Dante Romeo Marrero
690Bruno Lima
719Ivan Campos Do Amaral
829Lorran Furtado Trindade
931Jose Antonio Rubio SoroDNF
Heat 3 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
167Arthur Brito Pereira Veloso
211Tiger Tyson
357Benoit Gomez
492Rafael Maciel
588Jos Wesley Oliveira Veras
686Tone Monteiro
766Geronimo LutteralSCP (3.2)
885Lorenzo BoschettiDNF
Heat 4 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
110Cameron Maramenides
270Javier Jimenez
364Enzo Pineiro
476Manoel Soares Dos Santos Neto
524Matteo DorotiniSCP (1.2)
982Lorenzo MorelliDNF
960Giovanni Bertolaso DNF
917Jakub WatorowskiDNF
959Maxime ChablozDNF
Heat 5 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
156Francesco Contini
254Lilian Mosa
463Anthony PicardSCP (1.8)
4.023Victor Bachichet RDG (4.0)
533Joaqun Alonso
691Sarun RupchomSCP (1.2)
762Alessandro Omar CarusoSCP (2.6)
827Ivan BouekeDSQ
Heat 6 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
176Manoel Soares Dos Santos Neto
211Tiger Tyson
310Cameron Maramenides
457Benoit Gomez
564Enzo Pineiro
692Rafael Maciel
767Arthur Brito Pereira Veloso
870Javier Jimenez
A Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
110Cameron Maramenides
276Manoel Soares Dos Santos Neto
356Francesco Contini
423Victor Bachichet
557Benoit Gomez
611Tiger Tyson
763Anthony Picard
854Lilian MosaSCP (2.8)
933Joaqun Alonso
B Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
162Alessandro Omar Caruso
291Sarun Rupchom
327Ivan Boueke
464Enzo Pineiro
567Arthur Brito Pereira Veloso
692Rafael Maciel
770Javier JimenezSCP (2.8)
C Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
-13.090Bruno Lima RDG (3.0)
115Dante Romeo Marrero
288Jos Wesley Oliveira Veras
355Le Coq Faodren
486Tone Monteiro
777Luis Fernando Silva ArajoDNF
724Matteo DorotiniDSQ