complete Heat: B
complete Heat: A
21-05 15:28 - The end ... great final heats on the last competition day.. Vincent Langer Wins
21-05 15:22 - B final is racing
21-05 15:21 - Fra 422 damien cervera wins elimination 5
21-05 15:20 - Nico prien crashes at mark 4
21-05 15:17 - A clear start this time
21-05 15:12 - Another general recall: Ger1 , Ger2, Pol 25 😲
21-05 15:05 - 14knots measured
21-05 15:05 - General recall in the A final , Fra 755 is ocs
21-05 14:59 - Den 171 ocs in the c final
21-05 14:53 - Resail of heat C coming up
21-05 14:32 - We are gojng to continue with elimination 5, C Final to start at 14:55 😆
21-05 14:10 - Still gusty and shifty , next announcement 14:30
21-05 13:36 - The wind seems to picking up, very gusty 7 to 14knots measured. The next announcement is at 14:00
21-05 11:31 - Still not enough wind, next announcement 12:30
21-05 10:54 - The next announcement is at 11:30 | 4 to 8 knots measured
21-05 09:39 - Good morning: The final day here in sylt, too light winds too continue, the next announcement will bet at 10:30
20-05 20:42 - Ap over A, The wind finally played along... but not for too long... its the end of a sunny day with a little action 😆, Skippers meeting tomorrow 09:30✌
20-05 20:35 - C final abandoned, to light winds, 8knots measured. Could be the end of day 6
20-05 20:31 - Wind is getting lighter
20-05 20:27 - Nico prien takes the lead after pasing damien cervera at the 1st mark
Heat 1 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1GER-202 Fabian Mattes
2ITA-364 Daniel Slijk
3ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola
4GER-6 Leon Delle
5NED-99 Jakob Kooij
6GER-294 Alexander Neubert
7GER-130 Tim Poggeman
8GER-404 Fabian Wolf
9DEN-291 Niklas Lillelund
10GER-2411 Simon Eichmann
12GER-36 Christopher BuengerDNF
12GER-59 Oliver BongartzDNF
Heat 2 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1POL-25 Hubert Mokrzycki
2GER-1 Vincent Langer
3NED-46 Ennio Dal Pont
4GER-707 Kai Paustian
5GER-11 Florian Bandel
6GER-95 Jens Moeller
7GER-205 Timo Thiele
8DEN-171 Jonas Thyme
9GER-740 Finn Kroll
10GER-336 Yuri Mamero
12UKR-13 Oleksandr TugaryevDNF
12GER-88 Robert AhlbornDNF
Heat 3 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1GER-7 Nicolas Prien
2FRA-422 Damien Cervera
3ITA-5084 Massimiliano Loncrini
4GER-1999 Lars Paustian
5GER-26 Oliver Schott
6GER-888 Adrian Beholz
7DEN-431 Peter Nors
8DEN-61 Emil Lund
9GER-134 Marc Hollenbach
10GER-87 Alexander Leinen
12DEN-15 Mads JepsenDNF
12GER-18 Julien PockrandtDNF
Heat 4 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1FRA-159 Thomas Merceur
2GER-277 Michele Becker
3FRA-755 Arthur Orjubin
4FRA-339 Tanguy Thomas
5GER-2 Gunnar Asmussen
6GER-29 Justus Schott
7POL-56 Adam Morawski
8DEN-37 Johan Soe
9DEN-96 Malthe Elholm Jensen
10GER-199 Thies Paustian
11GER-141 Nick Spangenberg
Heat 5 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1GER-1 Vincent Langer
2ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola
3GER-11 Florian Bandel
4GER-202 Fabian Mattes
5POL-25 Hubert Mokrzycki
5.0GER-6 Leon DelleRDG (5.0)
6ITA-364 Daniel Slijk
7NED-46 Ennio Dal Pont
8GER-707 Kai Paustian
9NED-99 Jakob Kooij
Heat 6 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1GER-7 Nicolas Prien
2GER-2 Gunnar Asmussen
3FRA-159 Thomas Merceur
4FRA-422 Damien Cervera
5FRA-755 Arthur Orjubin
6ITA-5084 Massimiliano Loncrini
7FRA-339 Tanguy Thomas
8GER-26 Oliver Schott
9GER-277 Michele Becker
10GER-1999 Lars Paustian
A Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1FRA-422 Damien Cervera
2FRA-159 Thomas Merceur
3ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola
4GER-7 Nicolas Prien
5GER-11 Florian Bandel
6GER-202 Fabian Mattes
7GER-6 Leon Delle
11FRA-755 Arthur OrjubinOCS
11GER-1 Vincent LangerOCS
11GER-2 Gunnar AsmussenOCS
11POL-25 Hubert MokrzyckiOCS
B Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1ITA-5084 Massimiliano Loncrini
2GER-277 Michele Becker
3FRA-339 Tanguy Thomas
4ITA-364 Daniel Slijk
5GER-707 Kai Paustian
6GER-26 Oliver Schott
7NED-46 Ennio Dal Pont
8NED-99 Jakob Kooij
9GER-1999 Lars Paustian
C Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1GER-294 Alexander Neubert
2DEN-96 Malthe Elholm Jensen
3GER-888 Adrian Beholz
4DEN-431 Peter Nors
5GER-205 Timo Thiele
6DEN-291 Niklas Lillelund
7DEN-37 Johan Soe
8DEN-61 Emil Lund
9GER-336 Yuri Mamero
10GER-404 Fabian Wolf
11GER-134 Marc Hollenbach
12GER-29 Justus Schott
13POL-56 Adam Morawski
14GER-740 Finn Kroll
15GER-199 Thies Paustian
16GER-2411 Simon Eichmann
17GER-87 Alexander Leinen
18GER-141 Nick Spangenberg
27GER-88 Robert AhlbornDNF
27GER-59 Oliver BongartzDNF
27GER-130 Tim PoggemanDNF
27UKR-13 Oleksandr TugaryevDNF
27GER-95 Jens MoellerDNF
27DEN-15 Mads JepsenDNF
27GER-36 Christopher BuengerDNF
27GER-18 Julien PockrandtDNF
27DEN-171 Jonas ThymeOCS