complete Heat: B
complete Heat: A
07-07 15:48 - Ap over A, its the end for the masters
07-07 14:53 - 11.5 knots mesured
07-07 14:52 - Wind is lighter
07-07 14:33 - Masters coming up shortly
07-07 13:55 - The game is back On 😎🤗😀 15 -17 knots measured.. ora is here
07-07 10:09 - All competitors are send back to the beach
07-07 09:42 - 13knots measured
07-07 07:38 - 10 to 5 knots measurd
07-07 07:14 - Final Day | Early morning, however just not enough wind yet. Awaiting further updates.
06-07 14:01 - Races canceled..dark clouds effecting the winds
06-07 13:44 - Races to start soon
06-07 12:56 - Day 4 | ora is here, 12 to 15 knots measured , preparations in motion , hopefully racing soon 😆
05-07 17:04 - Unstable and light conditions on say 3, Ap over A , tomorrows skippers meeting is at 10:00✌
05-07 15:22 - Some wind is approaching 😉
05-07 10:35 - Day 3 | ☁ No wind at the moment
04-07 15:45 - Elimination 3 created
04-07 15:16 - Masters b restart
04-07 15:08 - B final 3ocs, ltu11,ita95, tur1925
04-07 14:58 - Great racing A final master
04-07 14:55 - 16 to 17 knots measured
Heat 1 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1TUR-11 Bora Kozanoglu
2NC-888 Laurent Giovannelli
3GER-750 Christian Hirschberg
4ITA-95 Massimiliano Brunetti
5ITA-13 Cozzupoli Lucio
6RUS-177 Vladimir Fomichev
7UKR-37 Valentyn Zykov
8FIN-13 Marianne Rautelin
Heat 2 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1ITA-415 Marco Begalli
2AUT-5 Markus Purwitzer
3GER-502 Kevin Vlzke
4TUR-1925 Tayfun Onur
5GER-22 Markus Winter
6ITA-106 Thomas Fauster
7ITA-130 Allesandro ComerlatieDNF
Heat 3 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1LTU-11 Giedrius Liutkus
2GER-300 Martin Tykal
3GER-26 Oliver Schott
4SUI-45 Thomas Frener
5ITA-7 Massimo Masserini
6NOR-75 Sondre Krey
7GER-100 Philipp Mller
8ITA-963 Graziano MarziDNF
Heat 4 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1ITA-1 Andrea Cucchi
2TUR-611 Erkan Morgan
3CZE-109 Tom Malina
4ITA-0 Andrea Rosati
5GRE-1 Philip Adamidis
6FRA-533 Sylvain Cote
7GER-633 Uwe Slter
8ITA-166 Andrea Carcano
9NOR-0 Bent BakkeDNF
Heat 5 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1TUR-11 Bora Kozanoglu
2AUT-5 Markus Purwitzer
3NC-888 Laurent Giovannelli
4ITA-415 Marco Begalli
5ITA-95 Massimiliano Brunetti
6GER-502 Kevin Vlzke
7TUR-1925 Tayfun Onur
8GER-750 Christian HirschbergDNF
Heat 6 Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1ITA-0 Andrea Rosati
2TUR-611 Erkan Morgan
3CZE-109 Tom Malina
4ITA-1 Andrea Cucchi
5GER-26 Oliver Schott
6GER-300 Martin Tykal
7SUI-45 Thomas Frener
8LTU-11 Giedrius LiutkusDNF
A Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1ITA-1 Andrea Cucchi
2ITA-0 Andrea Rosati
3CZE-109 Tom Malina
4ITA-415 Marco Begalli
5NC-888 Laurent Giovannelli
6TUR-11 Bora Kozanoglu
7AUT-5 Markus Purwitzer
8TUR-611 Erkan Morgan
B Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1SUI-45 Thomas Frener
2GER-26 Oliver Schott
3GER-300 Martin Tykal
4GER-502 Kevin Vlzke
8GER-750 Christian HirschbergDNF
8ITA-95 Massimiliano BrunettiOCS
8LTU-11 Giedrius LiutkusOCS
8TUR-1925 Tayfun OnurOCS
C Final Complete
Sail Competitor Remark
1ITA-106 Thomas Fauster
2ITA-7 Massimo Masserini
3GRE-1 Philip Adamidis
4GER-22 Markus Winter
5FRA-533 Sylvain Cote
6NOR-0 Bent Bakke
7FIN-13 Marianne Rautelin
8ITA-13 Cozzupoli Lucio
9ITA-166 Andrea Carcano
10GER-633 Uwe Slter
11RUS-177 Vladimir Fomichev
12UKR-37 Valentyn Zykov
13ITA-963 Graziano Marzi
16ITA-130 Allesandro ComerlatieDNF
16NOR-75 Sondre KreyDNF
16GER-100 Philipp MllerDNF